Welcome Home to Victory Church!

Victory Worship

Victory Worship is the house worship team for Victory Church in Madisonville, Kentucky.  Our music is crafted to awaken hearts to respond to the God who created us, knows us best and loves us beyond measure. GOD IS, breaking through the darkness to reveal to us a glimpse of His everlasting wonder.  We pray our songs release joy, thanksgiving and invitation to know Him more.

Victory Worship Music

In their debut album, Victory Worship invites us on a journey to experience who GOD IS. This collection of songs inspires the hearts of Victory Church Family to rise up and praise Him.  From soulful expressions to majestic anthems, be encouraged to believe that God is truly awesome, victorious and incredibly good and these are only a few of the things that He is Famous For.

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Team Vision

We desire above all to Honor, Acknowledge and Give thanks to the Lord.  We consider it our privilege to lead our congregation in a time of joy and heart connection as we worship Jesus.  We pray our songs will reflect Who He is and testify of what He’s done and lead others in an authentic worship encounters.  

Team Values

Victory Worship exists to build a community of believers who use vocal and instrumental gifting to enhance the worship experience and help create a high-quality environment that supports the vision of Victory Church. Because of the technical and artistic nature of what we do, auditions for serving on the team are required, as well our Worship Development process.

Worship development is our pathway to prepare vocalists, musicians and production to learn process, engage in community and develop skills.  The process begins and is centered around our 4 Core Values: Love God-heart, Love people-community, Pursue Excellence- and Choose Joy-attitude.

The process to onboard teams begins on the Victory Growth Track.