Welcome Home to Victory Church!

Outreach Ideas

1. Balloons and a cookie cake for a gas station attendant ... just because
2. Dignity kits for middle school/high school girls
3. Bus stop cleanups
4. Painting fire hydrants for the Fire Department
5. Organize a teacher’s classroom
6. Organize a single mom’s kid closets
7. Help a single mom/widow clean her house
8. Yard work for an elderly person
9. Change lightbulbs for an elderly person
10. Cold drinks for construction workers
11. Cold drinks for city employees
12. Return carts for people at a grocery store
13. Flowers for DHR employees and social workers
14. Doughnuts for department of revenue employees
15. Respite care for foster families
16. Respite care for special needs families
17. Chili cook-off with team to serve to homeless
18. Refill bird feeders for VA or nursing homes
19. Help College students move into their university
20. Have free furniture available for international college students
21. Pick up trash in a busy community
22. Clean up under interstate bridges
23. Host a free yard sale
24. Play card games with senior citizens
25. Free digital photography for families
26. Letters of hope for inmates (partner with a local organization)
27. Prayer walks around schools and communities
28. Host a talent show for children with disabilities
29. Pancakes in the park for homeless
30. Collect diapers and formula for a pregnancy center
31. Collect gently used or new coats for children in the winter
32. Rake and bag leaves
33. Free popcorn in the park
34. Schools usually provide paint, provide volunteers to paint a hallway
35. Cut down hanging tree limbs for single moms/widows/elderly
36. Detail cars for families while they grocery shop
37. Cookie bake-off with team ... package cookies and give to families leaving Walmart
38. Partner with a local dentist - give away toothbrushes and toothpaste to kids
39. Shoe shine station - clean up sneakers on the streets
40. Set up printers outside of a school community and print items for families
41. Canvas a neighborhood and do yard work for an entire block
42. Partner with grocery store... bag groceries... walk to the car... no tip
43. Paint rocks and write encouraging messages to put around city
               44. Create a drive-thru prayer and offer hope/encouragement
45. Shovel a driveway that’s covered in snow
46. Take grocery order for families with no vehicles shop and deliver them
47. Pumpkin painting contest
48. Sidewalk chalk words of encouragement at a school
49. Free haircuts for the homeless
50. Free haircuts for children
51. Kill the weeds in a neighborhood yard
52. Pedicures for expectant moms at a pregnancy center
53. Wheelchair/walker shining, tune up and tennis balls for walkers
54. Coffee for garbage truck drivers
55. Breakfast for school bus drivers
56. Flowers for fast food restaurant drive thru employee
57. Paint fingernails for elderly or disabled
58. Free gift-wrapping station outside of Walmart
59. Prayer walks around hospital
60. Prayer for nurses and doctors in parking lot
61. Worship songs at a nursing home or rehabilitate center
62. Homeroom Helpers – Teacher’s assistants – cut out items, laminate, organize
63. Hold signs of encouragement as Teacher’s arrive to school... offer coffee and donuts upon
64. Adopt a school and clean up
65. Adopt a school and volunteer at bus drop off times
66. Give away dog snacks at dog park – Or make puppoccinos in the park – whip cream in a
paper cup
67. Bless the bank tellers or postal worker with a candy bar and a coke
68. Front Porch make-overs for a community
69. Read a story book to a class at a school
70. Pressure wash driveways in a neighborhood
71. Make treat bags for emergency room patients
72. Donuts for 911 operators
73. Socks for students – provide socks for elementary students
74. Free soda at stoplights
75. Candles and lighters for the homeless
76. Free Hot Cocoa or Hot Cider at a local park
77. Encouraging signs in yards
78. Cereal boxes give away
79. Water for Hikers
80. Children’s Library books drive for a local school
81. Help a family move
82. New door mats for homes
83. Head shots for local businesses/realtors/insurance agents
84. Free Lemonade and cookie stand – kids serve
85. Washing windows or wiping snow off cars for hospital staff
86. Free car inspection for families
87. Minor car repairs for a single mom
               88. Laundromat outreach... Set up a TV with a movie and popcorn while they wash clothes 89. Parents night out – watch kids at church so parents can have a date
90. Cake decorating at nursing home... buy small sheet cakes or bake cakes
91. Give coloring books and crayons to moms with kids at Walmart or grocery store
92. Give Balloons to kids at a grocery store
93. Birthday party for the homeless... no matter when the birthday is... balloons and a cupcake 94. Make suncatchers for nursing homes
95. Portraits for senior citizens
96. Acts of Kindness scavenger hunt for outreach team... Take pics of AOK’s in action
97. Pizza delivery... deliver hot pizzas and a 2 liter of soda for dinner
98. Thick socks and lip balm for the homeless
99. Snacks for backpacks... package snacks for students
100. Redesign Hallway Billboards for a local school
101. Provide teddy bears for police to give children on domestic violent visits
102. Clean and organize a library
103. Decorate a yard for Christmas
104. Clean up graffiti for the city
105. Help students in a community practice handwriting skills, reading skills or math skills
106. Free window washer fluid for customers at a gas station
107. Loaf of bread, jar of peanut butter, jar of jelly and plastic utensils for the homeless
108. Clean out cars at carpool for parents
109. Free water bottles at carpool
110. Cake pan with box of cake mix, measuring spoon and measuring cup to give to families
111. Have an entire team send an encouraging text all at the same time
112. Play Bingo with a nursing home
113. Restoring reading glasses... repairing glasses for homeless, nursing home or veterans... have new reading glasses available
114. Host a family style dinner in a community or for the homeless
115. Clean picnic tables in a park and or restore playground equipment
116. Stock a Teacher’s Lounge with snacks
117. Finger Painting with kids or play doh
118. Write a story with a group of kids and then have the children read it aloud 119. Gloves or mittens for grocery store employees gathering carts
120. Meals at Motels... serve a meal for families living in motels
               121. S’mores Tent in a parking lot... Use Sternos and invite people to make a smore. 122. Business Blast – Bless local businesses with donuts or a sweet treat.
123. Early morning Breakfast for Garbage Men before they start their route.
124. PJ’s and Pancakes – New Pajamas and a box of pancake mix for foster children. 125. Back to School Blast – Backpacks full of school supplies.
126. Snacks in a Backpack – work with local School Counselors; find children in need; provide meals to prepare for the weekend... mac & cheese, ravioli, SpaghettiOs, etc.
127. Pop-Up Baby Shower in a community... diapers, wipes, formula and of course CAKE!
128. Free Medical Exams for a community... work with local doctors and nurses.
129. Outdoor Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Market in a “food desert” community.
130. Snack Pack, Bring it Back... Provide the box or bag with a list of snacks. When returned, take box to a local school counselor.
131. Market Style Adopt-a-Block – Free plants, food, and arts and crafts for the community.
132. Giving Tree – Christmas outreach – place tree with gift names like bike, curling iron, baby dolls. Allow people to take tags and bring back to business. Use gifts for children in the community at Christmas.
133. Fall Carnival- Petting Zoo, face painting, relay races, popcorn, relay races.
134. Free Pumpkin Patch ... set up pumpkins and allow community to have one for free.
135. Haircuts for homeless... Have stylist provide updos or styles for women and beard trimmings for men.
136. Foster Care Kids Closet... organize a closet when children are taken into foster care, the families can come and shop for clothes and shoes.
137. Skilled team to build a wheelchair ramp for the disabled. Consider partnering with a construction company.
138. Coats for Kids... mittens, scarves and winter coats.
139. Birthday cards for the homeless with a meal card inside
140. Rent Jumping Houses for a community
141. Teacher’s Lounge Makeover – Fridge, Microwave & Keurig
142. Partner with local food bank and provide a month’s worth of groceries for a family. 143. GED Prep for students in a youth detention.
144. Teacher’s kit – Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, snacks and sharpies.
145. Cup of Joy – Mug with K-Cup, sugar packet, creamer and encouraging card.
               146. Veterans Day Outreach – Honor a veteran with a gift basket on Veteran’s Day. 147. Clean up an abandoned cemetery. Add flowers for tombstone.
148. Laundry Baskets of Love – full of laundry items and deliver to people washing clothes at laundromat.
149. Make wreaths for nursing home doors.
150. Surprise a single mom with a Christmas Tree Makeover. Provide tree, decorations and assembly.
151. Prayer tents at hospitals. Provide prayer for hospital staff before or after a shift change. 152. Mother’s Day – Provide an oil change gift certificate for single moms or widows.
153. Host the After-School care at a local school and provide a movie with popcorn and a soda. 154. Karate lessons for a community
155. Swimming Lessons for a community at a local YMCA or Boys and Girls Club.
156. Practice reading with kids.
157. Family Game Night Bags – UNO, Popcorn, soda and a pizza gift card.
158. Grocery Store Surprise – Surprise someone at a store and pay for their groceries.
159. Create Resumes for homeless, At-Risk-Women or Foster Teens aging out of foster care. 160. Graffiti Clean Up – Paint offensive graffiti walls near schools.
161. Dignity kits for teenage girls – Black Ziploc bags with underwear, a feminine pad, a feminine wipe, and a piece of chocolate with an encouraging card. Provide kits for school counselors at a local school.
162. Create a bin of drawers for school counselors’ office with hygiene items. Refill bin when low.
163. Letters of Hope for prisoners. Partner with Prison Ministry.
164. Teacher Appreciation Email Campaign – bring laptops to send emails.
165. Make Fidget Mats - This project is for those with intermediate sewing skills. Sewing
machine, scissors, dark and light thread. Sensory Mats for children with special needs.
166. Military town – Set up a free hot dog stand with all the toppings outside a local base. 167. Zumba style dance group for adults with special needs.
168. Ballet Class for children in a community with a recital in 8 weeks.
169. Host a parenting class in a community.
170. Host a Mini Marriage Conference in a community.
               171. Free Ice Cream Truck – Use a generator and a freezer in the back of a truck. Play Ice Cream Music in a neighborhood and give away free treats!
172. Provide breakfast for early school arrivals
173. Make hygiene kit for families with children in the NICU.
174. Blankets and pillows for families with a loved one in the ICU.
175. Winter Clothes Drive – Provide a winter clothes closet for the homeless.
176. Set up tables in a parking lot and invite all the homeless to a sit down meal.
177. Provide meals for football teams before a game.
178. Backyard Blitz – Provide a safe playground for a single mom with small children.
179. Toy Closet at Courthouse – provide toys and books for children who have to be at the courthouse with Social Workers.
180. Homeless first aid kits – Band aids, antibiotic ointment and peroxide wipes. 181. Lunch for First Responders with encouraging letters.
182. Deep Clean a Day Care on a Saturday.
183. Change Bed sheets for the elderly and offer light house cleaning.
184. Stock the pantry of a local non-profit ministry. 185. Clean up abandoned yards in a neighborhood.
186. Paint Street numbers on curbs for an easier way for first responders to find home if needed.
187. Bible Study in community for Men.
188. All about Dad’s Community Outreach – games designed for men, food for men and an encouraging message on how to be a better father.
189. Host a weekly small group in a community. Break into groups of 4 or 5 to pray together and discuss the Bible.
190. Smart Phone Class at a nursing home. Teach the elderly how to use their smart phone. 191. Dog Therapy for people at a Rehabilitation Center.
192. Pasta Party for Principals – Help the school honor their Principals by hosting a pasta party for them.
193. Christmas Hayride and cocoa – Tractor or truck to pull a trailer with bales of hay for people to sit on. Decorate the trailer with battery operated Christmas lights, Christmas music and cocoa for the ride.
194. Clean up a School Flower Bed or a hospital flower bed.
               195. Chicken Sandwich show down – provide chicken sandwiches in a community and do a poll on which sandwich is the best. Great way to connect and build relationships.
196. Adopt a Basketball team and provide snacks/drinks for games.
197. Meat Bingo – Play Bingo for a rack of ribs, steak, or pork chops.
198. Host a graduation party for seniors at a local school.
199. Partner with local dentists and provide a free dental exam in a community. 200. Community Scavenger Hunt with teenagers.
201. Candy for Cashiers – Ask the Cashier at a local grocery store what their favorite candy bar is and buy them their favorite!
202. Christmas Party for single moms and their kids.
203. Free Car Wash... Plug in a Bubble Machine to attract attention!
204. Goody Bags for Law Enforcement Officers, EMS, and firefighters.
205. Miracle League Buddies... Volunteer to play sports with special needs through a local organization. They are always looking for volunteers.
206. Lunch Buddies – eat lunch with a student at school
207. Host a Blood Drive and provide snacks through the Red Cross.
208. Sharing with your neighbor – Your trash may be someone’s treasure – Host a swap party in the community.
209. Teacher’s Appreciation Breakfast before school
210. Parent Appreciation – hold signs in the parking lot as parents pick up their kids from school. “You’re an Amazing Mom!”
211. Veteran’s Day Celebration – cook meals at a local VA hospital – Serve staff and Veterans 212. Fill a Stocking with Christmas goodies and give to a local nursing home or a hospital staff.
213. Collect diapers from the community and fill the diaper inventory at a local pregnancy center.
214. Create tackle boxes for the homeless to fish. Check with local organizations like “Riley’s Catch”. The tackle boxes are given to those in need that don’t mind catching their dinner!
215. Build picnic tables for Hospitals or for local businesses. Consider a plaque attached that simply says, “Just a reminder that God loves you.”
216. Inflatable Movie Theatre – host a family movie night with popcorn, coke, and candy. 217. Host a 5k to raise money for a local ministry partner.
218. Allow residents at a nursing home create canvas bags to decorate with paint... then fill the bags with snacks, lotions, chapstick, crossword puzzles and pens.
               219. Host a Car Show at a retirement home. Many vintage car owners love bringing their cars to show off.
220. Gas Pump Acts of Kindness... tape $25 gift cards at the pump with an encouraging note.
221. Hammock Hangout – Use wooden post cemented into the ground for hammocks. Great for schools when children need a reading break.
222. Cinderella Day – Gather gently used Prom Dresses and allow the community to shop for free for their perfect dress. Go a step further and offer hair and make up.
223. Surprise First Responders with a gallon of Starbucks coffee and sweet treats.
225. Watermelons in the Summer – Slice a fresh watermelon in the community and give a way slices.
226. Prom for Senior Citizens – Music, Dancing, Dresses, Flowers, and more!
227. Tattoos and Tiaras – Have a station putting on fake tattoos and another making tiaras. This works well with children or adults!
228. Journal with a Senior Citizen. Provide journals and help them write down their feelings.
229. Christmas PJ’s are always a hit among children or adults!
230. Visit a Dialysis and provide a meal for the patients or provide groceries.
231. Yard Signs of Encouragement. Surprise people in your community with a sign that says God Loves You!
232. Companion Phone Calls – set up a line at the church specifically for those who just need to talk.
233. Hope for Hospice – flowers, balloons, cards of encouragement. Provide meals for family.
234. Restaurant Blitz – Surprise a local restaurant with a cookie cake and balloons – the cookie
cake can say the name of the restaurant to show you went the extra mile.
235. Widow’s Holiday Banquet – Host a dinner for widows. Christmas carols, group chats and encouragement.
236. Dorm Kits – For college students needing some of the essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, hygiene baskets for shared restrooms.
237. Last Day of School celebration – Hot dogs, chips, popsicles.
238. Student Leadership – Teach leadership classes to High School Students. 239. Host a fake job fair and teach High School students how to have interviews. 240. Shopping Spree for Foster Teens – set an amount and let them shop!
241. Kindness Clothespins – write encouraging notes on the clothes pins and have students pin on different backpacks.
242. Teen Mental Wellness – Partner with Christian counselors to volunteer time to meet with teenagers who may be struggling with mental health.
243. ACT Breakfast Serve – Take Breakfast to students when taking ACT tests. 244. Valentine’s Day Socks for Students.
245. Birthday Bags – partner with School Counselors that can keep the bags in their office and present to students on their Birthday.
246. Sunday cook out – offer a burger and a bag of chips for families on Sundays.
247. Get Active Day – Help students get active by creating outdoor activities and games for them.
248. Provide shoes for children on the first week of school.
249. Provide school uniforms for schools that require a dress code for students.
250. Volunteer at a Domestic Violent Women’s Shelter and provide hair care, manicures and pedicures.