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Part 6 - Extraordinary Prayer

Jul 9, 2023    Pastor Kris Goodman

We live in a fallen world; and, at times it maybe hard to believe that God hears and answers prayer. But He does; therefore, we should pray and keep on praying. When we pray according to scripture, the power of the Holy Spirit is released; and we receive the promises of God. Tune-in as Pastor Kris shares the keys of Extraordinary Prayer.

If you have a prayer need, we would love to be in prayer with you. Prayer requests can be submitted on our website at https://www.victorychurchky.com/prayer-request


James 4

James 5:13-18

Psalm 34:18

John 14:16-18

Exodus 15:26

Matthew 9:35

Acts 10:38

Mark 16:18

Matthew 7:7