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    GROW Conference 2020


    GROW Conference 2020

    Please submit this form by Wednesday, July 22 so we have a count for lunches!

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    Check the sessions you will be attending below:

    Tuesday - July 28

    Wednesday - July 29

    If you cannot attend any of these sessions, and would like a link sent to your email, please specify below.

      Small Group Leader Application


      Small Group Leader Application




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        Small Group Registration


        Small Group Registration
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        We are looking to host groups online and in person, groups of 10 or less.  If you will be leading an online group, be sure to select "yes" below. 

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        For the safety of our families here at Victory, we conduct yearly background checks on all dream teamers serving with kids or youth. if you are leading or co-leading a group for kids, middle school or high school, please download the consent for background check, or pick up a copy from the office, fill it out and turn it in to member of our small groups team. 


        Download Background Check Form

          COVID Outreach Form


          Food will be dropped off Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 5 - 6pm. Thank you for allowing us to bless you!


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