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July 10, 2013
by victory

Victory Church Inspire Ladies Conference Annual Yard Sale

The Ladies of  Victory Church are once again getting ready for their Victory Church Inspire Ladies Conference for 2014.  One way they do this is through the now annual Victory Church Yard Sale recently held on June 28th and 29th in the church gym.  Thank you to all who donated the many great items and for the time each of you invested in this project.  The annual Ladies Conference has become a tradition at Victory and many lives have been touched through this great event.  Once the plans for the 2014 conference have been confirmed we will update both the website and this blog with information.   Thanks again to all who donated both items for sale and time.

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July 4, 2013
by victory

Victory Church Youth Group On Hondorous Missions Trip

1011715_10201362838213487_47088792_nFrom June 23rd thru July 2nd a group of students led by Pastor Kris and myself served the people of Honduras.  It was a wonderful opportunity for our teenagers as we had the chance to do all sorts of activities while there.  We started out in a town called Talanga.  This area was in the mountains.  It reminded us a lot of the Tennessee area.  This was an extremely poor and needy part of the country.  We worked with missionaries Darrell and Darlene Dakin from Nortonville, KY.  We did 2 medical clinics for the community.  People walked for hours to receive medical treatment.  We “made” a concrete porch for a local church.  We went WAY up in the mountains and served food to very remote schools.  Some that we served that would be their only meal for a couple days.  It was very hard.  We had the opportunity to participate in a water baptism service with the Hondurans.  That was a very special service.  Also, we had the chance to be in several church services with throughout the area.  It was a great time.

Then we packed up and headed north along the coastal area to La Ceiba.  Here we worked with missionaries “Momma and Papa” Jones.  They are “Momma and Papa” because they run an orphanage in the area.  They currently have 17 precious children that they have rescued from absolutely horrible situations.  We did construction work while at the orphanage.  We plastered walls that are going into the new orphanage building.  Did I mention that it was extremely hot here!!!  We would work all morning and play with the orphans all afternoon.  It was a great time.  We finally gave the students a little free time.  We took them to the beach.  It was incredibly refreshing for all of us.

1010231_10201362791172311_228089072_nThis trip was wonderful because we took a great time.  They never complained.  They never slacked.  They worked hard and served well.  Pastor Kris and I are so proud of them.  It was a life changing trip.  Every teenager needs to go on an overseas missions trip at least once before they graduate!  Our students were:  Allison Adams, Destin Rickard, Baylee Cummins, Shawna Welshans, Bethany Nelson, Rachel Rickard, Alex Cunningham, Sam Goodman, Chase Crowell, Aaron Poe, and Peyton Saint.

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June 6, 2013
by victory

Jared Anderson and The Narrow Road Tour in Madisonville KY

jaredandersontourWow, what an evening it was. Jared Anderson performed at Victory Church on Thursday, May 30th and was it a night to remember.  The Narrow Road Tour visited Madisonville and we were treated to an extraordinary night of praise and worship. It was more than just a performance however. Jared and his team spent time with us and shared in communion as well as sharing with with musicians and praise and worship singers.

For those of you who don’t know Jared Anderson, he is the writer of numerous well known Christian praise songs such as “Hear Us From Heaven”, “Amazed” and “I Am Free”.  Here is a link to his website:

If Jared Anderson is anywhere near your area be sure to take time out to go and join in the praise and worship he and his band bring. You won’t regret it!